After the planning and the designing part of a project are completed, a detailed project report is prepared. A detailed project report is a very extensive and elaborative outline of a project, which includes essential information such as the resources and tasks to be carried out in order to make the project turn into a success. It can also be said that it is the final blueprint of a project after which the implementation and operational process can occur. In our comprehensive project report, the roles and responsibilities are highlighted along with the safety measures if any issue arises while carrying out the plan.

A detailed project report includes the following information:

  • Brief information about the project
  • Experience and skills of the people involved in the promotion of the project
  • Details and practical results of the industrial concerns of the promoters of the project
  • Project finance and sources of financing
  • Government approvals
  • Raw material requirement
  • Details of the requisite securities to be given to various financial organizations
  • Other important details of the proposed project idea include information about management teams for the project, details about the building, plant, machinery, etc.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Socio-economic Aspects

     We undertake DPR Preparation for Educational, Industrial building, Commercial Sectors, Institutional Sector, Hospitals, Textile, Industrial, Apartments, Auditoriums, Hotels & Factory Buildings and Infrastructure Projects.

Completed Projects

     500 + DPR for various infrastructure Projects