HVAC & R Engineering Services
MS understands that utilities and services are at the heart of any industrial facility and are vital for smooth running of the production process
Modular approach in planning of utilities help in expanding and scaling up in future as necessitated by increase in the production capacity.
Mechanical, HVAC & R (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration) and Fire Protection Engineers of Structures India keep themselves abreast
with the latest trends in utilities equipment, systems and technologies with the goal of designing a system that is robust, cost effective, energy saving,
safe, optimally sized and will result in minimum downtime and maintenance.
• Ventilation system: Design of natural and mechanical ventilation.
• Natural Ventilation: Designing natural ventilation based on stack effect and aspirating effect due to wind velocity.
• Mechanical ventilation: Design Forced ventilation system with or without air washer as per Client's requirement and atmospheric condition.
• Air conditioning: to have human comfort, to have control ambient (temperature, humidity, air flow, and air filtering) inside building also as per
process requirements various kind of air conditioning system: DX system, VRF system, chiller based air conditioning system, package AC system
• Techno-commercial comparative of various kind of air conditioning systems to have cost optimization and energy efficient system, selection of
filters to have adequate indoor air quality, insulation selection, air distribution analysis, static pressure calculation, selection of type of chillers,
• Selection of AC system based on Client's budget, ambient condition, human and equipment load, power and water availability.
Calculate heat load, air distribution diagram, air balancing, sizing of air handling unit, selection of type of chillers based of water, power and
space availability.
• Duct sizing, Duct routing, duct interface with architectural/civil.
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