Independent Engineering Services

Understand the project’s full potential to compete and perform well in the field of Civil Engineering

Successful project finance requires sound technical, commercial, and regulatory advice targeted at minimizing risk. From pre-finance reviews through construction and into operations, Structures India delivers the objective information needed to thoroughly evaluate the inherent risks, potential upside, and full value of projects.

Typical scopes of work for an Independent Engineer often include:

·            Fatal flaw and/or technology reviews

·        Project reviews to support project financing

·         Review of the engineering design

·         Assessment of project participants and the project site

·         Technology review

·         Contract reviews (non-legal)

·         Operations and Maintenance review

·         Environmental review

·         Review of the technical inputs to the financial model

· Construction Monitoring

·         Budget tracking and draw certifications

·         Monitoring of equipment and material compliance with specifications

·         Schedule and Budget Analysis

·         Project completion review and completion certifications

·         Performance Test Monitoring

· Annual operational and maintenance review


We offer the following services to objectively review and assess projects and portfolios.


Pre-finance Due Diligence

·  Independent engineer’s reviews and reports

·  Technology assessments

·  Fatal flaw analysis

·  Resource and fuel assessment

·  Energy production review

·  Power and fuel market pricing and assessment

·  Grid integration and transmission assessments

·  Environmental and regulatory compliance and monitoring

·  Equator Principles compliance and categorization

·  Pro forma development

·  Transaction support


Construction Monitoring and Advisory

·  Overall project execution plan and quality assurance and control plan

·  Cost estimates and critical path

·  Construction project control system

·  Equipment and material logistics

Project Completion

·  Start-up and commissioning

·  Performance verification

·  Completion certification


We successfully served IE Services for 250+ Projects.


An Independent EngineerLender's Engineer, is the engineering representative of the lender, or financier, of a large capital project. The Independent Engineer is to provide an independent technical assessment of a project or technical due diligence. The key is to be independent so that opinions on the technical aspects of the project are not biased either in favour of the lenders or the developer/owners. Furthermore, the Independent Engineer will review the technical inputs (i.e. output, efficiency, O&M expenses, availability, etc.) to the financial model used by the lender and the developer/owner to justify the financing of the project