Structural Engineering Services

     Functional, durable, safe and optimally designed structures are most crucial to any construction project. Structures India has a long and rich experience designing structures of many different types and complexities in reinforced concrete and structural steel. Such structures range from Residential buildings and Highrise RCC structures and post-tension to PEB steel Structure and so on. Structural Engineers of Structures India are at the forefront of the knowledge and practice of the Structural Engineering field. We use state of the art software programs ,Artifical Intellegence,  as well as our in-house developed applications for creating cutting edge solutions.

     Structural design as per Indian standard codes. Can also undertake structural design as per international standards such as ASCE standards, British standards, Eurocodes, etc.

  • Value engineering is a key element of the design.
  • Managing tough targets of all the projects through continuous monitoring and real time management of the resources.
  • Preparing specifications for geotechnical report.
  • Study of soil investigation report and deciding the optimum depth and type of the footing in consultation with the geotechnical engineer.
  • Design of foundation system and building foundation details.
  • Design of foundation system and building foundation details.
  • Performing detailed dynamic analysis using 3D models for TG foundation, fan foundation, etc. for separation of natural frequencies and for
  • Controlling the amplitudes, Foundation analysis and design for fatigue effects, etc.
  • Coordination with machine suppliers for fetching civil requirements and design of Machine foundations.
  • Industrial floor (Grade slab) design as per floor load requirements and latest flooring standards such as flat floor, DM (defined movement), FM(free movement), VNA (very narrow isle), TR34 standard, etc.
  • Vendor engineered and supplied pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) - technical assistance in sourcing.
  • Understanding the crane movements and accordingly propose load for PEB design.
  • Design of cable racks, piperacks, for current and future requirements.
  • Structural design of non-plant structures such as office building, fire pump house, and underground water tanks, utility buildings, compound wall. culverts, etc.
  • Structural design of maintenance free roads for facilitating truck and trailer movement.
  • Finding for experience and expert Structural engineering firm in India ? Contact Structures India Consultants today for Outsource structural engineering design services, Hydraulic Structures (like weirs) and Bridges.
  • Successfully completed 10000+ structural consultancy.