Techno – Legal Services

We have the expertise to help manage and overcome the diverse challenges that the Construction Industry deals with every day. Techno Legal Consultancy includes

·         Complete documentation & Correspondence to the construction industry which faces Contractual & Legal issues that cut across virtually every aspect of the business.

·         Assistance in getting the sanction of plans from the Municipal and/or other authorities for the proposed structures. Discussing the same with official architects.

·         Getting the permission for the modifications, additions, alternations in the structure according to the requirements of the project (In case of existing structure) from various departments.

·         We have successfully helped clients in attending to claims, counter claims, specific contractual advice on cost / time management, prolongation / escalation issues & arbitration etc.

  • Due Diligence Studies to checks if the property acquisition is worth your investment. Due diligence encompasses study of architectural, structural plans and area studies, with study on returns in the future, to ensure if the structure is worth buying.
  • Cost Management and Cash Flow Computation
  • Variations and Change Management
  • Site Surveys, Preparation of Projects and Feasibility Reports.