Design Scrutiny and Proof Checking

     No two projects are the same, so neither is our solutions. Our experts deliver services from insight and experience—tailored to each client. Our Proof Checking and corresponding solutions spans the entire lifecycle of a project, from design to construction, pre-commissioning, dynamic commissioning, and start-up. It includes:

  • Proof check all structural designs/drawings on the basis geometry and work ability.
  • Study of tender documents and technical specifications adopted for the project.
  • Compliance with provisions of tender documents and technical specifications.
  • Compliance with provisions of country specific design standards, IS CODES and special publications.
  • Conformity between design calculations and drawings
  • Detailing, clarity of details, and drawing content with respect to ease of execution on site.
  • Detail design & drawings through an independent analysis,
  • Review and comments on preliminary design,
  • Review of drawings and detailing based on the construction methodology
  • Review of maintenance and quality assurance manuals
  • Successfully completed 2000+ design scrutiny & proof checking.